Contribute to the Studd Family Web Site

All Studds, those related to Studds by marriage and anyone who is interested in the Studd family and would like to contribute to this web site are welcome to send text and images to either Pam Studd in Australia or John Studd in the UK. Please attach plain text files (either rtf or txt files) to your e-mail, or simply put the text into the body of an e-mail. Please send images as gif or jpg files, though we can concvert other formats. The resolution does not need to be high for web pages - 72 dpi is sufficient.

If this is too much techno-babble for you, ask Pam or John for more help!

John will use these resources to create one or more web pages and also add the images to the pages containing collection of images. Unless you specify otherwise John and Pam will create the page in the style of the current web site.


Please note that unless you specify otherwise we will NOT include any of the following information:

  • your mother's maiden name (unless she was Studd)
  • your father's middle name
  • your actual date of birth - just the year
  • any recent photographs of you and/or any living relatives

The reason for this is that these details are often required by banks, credit card companies etc in order to establish your identity over the telephone. We do not wish to make these available to anyone viewing this web site.

Sometimes we have replaced names with five asterisks: e.g. Peter ***** - this is done to concel the identity of the individual concerned.

If you have any concerns or queries then please do not hesitate to contact John or Pam.


Fred, Uncle Albert, Grandma Maria, Beatrice and Grandad Ernest Studd