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George Studd's Family

George's father, John was born in Colchester, Essex, UK, in 1796. The marriage register says he is of All Saints parish there is, however, no trace of him in that parish. But there are other John’s in neighbouring parishes, so the search continues.

John was a mariner and appears in the seamen’s register, with a reference to him as a mate on the ship ‘Hope’, sailing between Colchester and northern England in 1842. His work would explain his absence in most of the Census listings, but he was in the 1871 census and died 15 October 1872 at Wivenhoe.

He married his first wife, Susannah Warren at St Mary the Virgin Church of England, Wivenhoe, Essex, on 12 October 1818. Susanna(h), was born in Wivenhoe 24 July 1798 and died in Wivenhoe on 4 September 1832. Susannah's parents were also born and married in Wivenhoe.

John and Susannah Studd's Children

.All the children were born in Wivenhoe and are listed in the parish register:

Eliza Caroline: born 10 November 1819 - buried 21 August 1838

John William: born 28 October 1821

Susanna: born 30 November 1823

George Samuel: born 1824 - buried 20 Nov 1824

Elizabeth: born 1824 - buried 22 April 1824

George Charles: born 18 May 1828

Elizabeth Sarah: born 30 Jan 1831 - buried 22 April 1831

John's second wife was a widow, Sarah Munson (whose maiden name was probably Sadler).

They were married on 15 September 1833 at St Mary’s. Sarah is listed in the 1841, 51, 61, 71 censuses and died 7 April 1878 at Wivenhoe. Their address was Bethany St, which is right on the waterfront. Their children were:

William Sadler: born 16 December 1833 - buried 13 October 1838

Sarah, born 1836, married George Fuller, a mariner from Wivenhoe. She was listed as a widow, with her son George (born 1871), in the 1881 census.

Victoria Isabella Spurgeon's Family

Victoria's father was James, a farrier, born around 1811 in Essex or Middlesex, and his parents were James and Hannah. Her mother was Elizabeth Sarah Davy, born around 1810 at Long Acre, St Martin-Le-Grand, London, and her parents were William Davy and Sarah (nee Hopkins), who married at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster.

James and Elizabeth were married at St George Church of England, Bloomsbury, London, on 10 February 1828. Their children were all baptised at St Andrew’s Holborn and listed in the parish register.

The family was in the 1841 census as living at Princes St, Whitechapel, but were not there in the 1851 census.

The rest of the family emigrated on the ‘Calliope’. On arrival in Melbourne in May 1853, James found work as a farrier. Selina and Victoria were employed by William Cole, of 156 King St Melbourne for 25 pounds per month.

James Spurgeon ‘died from the poisonous effects of Laudanum taken by himself under temporary insanity’ on 21 August 1863 (Melbourne Coroner’s Inquest ) and is buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery. Elizabeth married secondly John Day, aged 29, on the 25th January 1864. I have not found any other information about her.

James and Elizabeth Spurgeon's Children:

Elizabeth Sarah: born 19 Jan 1830. The family was listed as living at Little Grays Inn Lane. She married William Robinson (born 1817) and this family is listed in the 1881 census as living at 9 Guildford St, St Pancras, London. Their children were Elizabeth (b.1852), Catherine (b. 1858). Fanny (b.1860), Eleanor (b.1864), Jessie (b.1867), Warwick (b.1868).

Selina Ann: born 19 January 1835. The family was now living at Princes St, Whitechapel. Selina married Peter McDonald at St Paul’s Melbourne, 21 March 1854 and had no children.

Victoria Isabella: born 11 July 1837

Amelia Lucy:
born 24 December 1839. Amelia married William Radley in 1856 and died in Ballarat, Victoria, in 1922. They had six children:

William Benjamin: born1857 married Jane Smith

Elizabeth Sarah: born 1859 married Robert Oswald Law

Emily Ann: born 1862 married John Sutherland Kennedy

Alice Selina: born 1864 married John William Jansen

Edith Amelia: born 1869

Elizabeth Amelia: born 1870 d. 1871