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Shirley Skiller
Etta Tolhurst
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Robert John Studd
Marcia Nolan
Gwen Proudfoot

From Etta Tolhurst, Melbourne VIC , daughter of Eleanor Sarah (Nell) Goldsmith & Andreas Martin Steinfort and granddaughter of George Goldsmith and Elizabeth Ann Studd

Grandma and Grandpa Goldsmith (Elizabeth & George) lived at Glenhuntly, with Stella ( their youngest daughter) and her husband Tom Chandler. They never had children. Stella and Grandma used to knit singlets and sell them to Myer. Later, Tom and Stella went into business. They had a grocery shop in The Village on Toorak Rd, where they lived on the premises.

Much later, they opened a Wool Shop at Moorabin, where they also resided. When they opened the grocerís shop, Grandma came to live with her other daughter, Eleanor (Nell) Steinfort in Ascot Vale. She was another non-stop knitter. I remember Grandma was still alive when I had my 21st birthday in 1940, but she wasnít well enough to come to my party. Grandma and Grandpa did celebrate their Golden Wedding in 1924, there are several photos that commemorate the occasion. Grandpa George passed away in 1924.