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From Marcia Nolan, Newcastle (NSW), daughter of Charles Blake Studd 1893-1963)and Amelia May McDonald (1894-1979) and granddaughter of Robert Arthur Studd and Catherine Jane Blake

Mum and Dad were married at Enmore in Sydney and I was born there in 1917. My sister Thelma was also born in Sydney, but my brother Ray was born in Boggabri.

Tragically, he was killed, after being thrown from his horse, while riding along the main road in Newcastle.

Grandma and Grandpa’s property was closest to Boggabri, they went to Mass every Sunday and afterwards had ‘open house’ for all the nuns (Sisters of St Joseph) and priests to come and have morning tea or lunch. Uncle Fred Studd was a bit further out of town and he had a Buick car. My Dad and Mum’s property was even further out and he had a Dodge car. Aunty Alice and Uncle Bill Fraser were right out in the bush. At some stage, Dad sold his farm and moved into town and we all went to St Joseph’s parish school, while Dad worked for Grandpa and Uncle Fred.

In the 1930’s, Grandpa and Grandma retired, sold up and moved to Newcastle, so we went too.

Three of my Fraser cousins (Bob, Ken and Harry), became policemen and Ken and Harry also lived in Newcastle for most of their lives. One of Ray’s granddaughters is also married to a policeman in the Newcastle area. Another Fraser cousin has a son who is a policeman in the Wagga Wagga (NSW) area.

There’s quite a tradition in this family.