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From Lyn Cosham, Tongala,VIC, daughter of Leslie Frederick Goldsmith (1921-1988) and Gladys Maude King (1922) and granddaughter of Arthur Leslie Goldsmith and Agnes Maude Voas

You never know what you will find when you look for your ancestors. I wonder if anyone, at the time, knew that my great grandfather, GEORGE RICHARD VOAS, left a wife and two children in Birmingham when he emigrated to Australia in March 1886 at the age of 35. Why did he leave? Well, he died of tuberculosis a few years after he arrived so, quite possibly that was one reason.

ALICE AMELIA STUDD was born on 23 December 1862 at Avoca, Victoria. Alice and George were married on 16 July 1887 in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Their children were:

1. Alice Victoria Voas who was born 24 May 1888 and died on 10 November of the same year, of pneumonia

2. Agnes Maud Voas, who was born on 2 February 1890 in California, according to the family bible. She always said it was California USA, but it may have been Victoria. As I canít find her birth recorded in Victoria, she may be right. The family may have been visiting USA - her fatherís parents and siblings had migrated there.

George died on Christmas Day 1890, the same year Agnes was born.

ALICE AMELIA VOAS remarried in 1892 to HENRY THOMPSON and had two children:

1. Ernest Henry, born 1892 in Sunbury, Victoria

2. Lucy Alice, born 1894 in Lancefield, Victoria

Alice outlived both husbands and died on 12 January in Abbotsford. She was attended by her grandson, Fred, and his fiancee, Gladys.

AGNES MAUD VOAS married ARTHUR LESLIE GOLDSMITH on 17 December 1912 at Abbotsford. They had four children:

1. Sylvia Maud, born 12 March 1915 at Clifton Hill

2. George Henry, 28 July 1916 at Clifton Hill, died 4 December 1978

3. Frederick Leslie, born 23 November 1921 at Collingwood (who recalled visiting and staying with the Studd relations who lived Ďundergroundí), died 19 September 1988.
Alice Thelma, born 26 may 1927 at Brighton

ERNEST HENRY THOMPSON married Cecilia Theresa Glancy. They had three children:

1. Cecilia Alice, born 1918

2. Olive Kleen, born 1920

3. Ernest

LUCY ALICE THOMPSON married William Hansen in 1912. They had five children:

1. Myrtle Grace (Merle)

2. Jean, born 1918

3. Val

4. Eric William

5. Norma Alice

Any further information would be most welcome.